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Welcome to the wiki. This is the website of the Journal of Animal Genetics, a bimonthly journal published by the Wiley Online Library and representing the International Society for Animal Genetics. The journal publishes articles on many fields in animal genetics, including immunogenetics, molecular genetics, and functional genomics. This wiki will feature open access articles, as well as information on events the journal will fund. Upcoming events include an animal behavior lab, a lecture on the potential of LowD arrays using Labrador retriever genomes, a presentation on how to create a career in biology, and an advertisement on National Geographic's channel. This wiki is a school project and is not affiliated with the Journal of Animal Genetics or Wiley Online Library.

Animal GeneticsEdit

Animal Genetics is a broad field that encompasses topics like heritability, natural and artificial selection of traits, gene expression, and animal husbandry. It can be applied to domestic animals, such as in animal breeding, and wild animals, such as in conservation.

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